Preparing For A Headshot Session

This is your guide to preparing for a great headshot session. We will cover tips on clothing, grooming and communication with your photographer. 

1. Communication is Key

Communicate with your photographer on what your expectations are for the session according to how you will use the final images. Usage should be a question your photographer always finds out since headshots for a realtor are far different than for an actor. Feel free to ask any questions to your photographer for them to help guide you through the process and put your mind at ease. After all, this is for you and you deserve getting exactly what you.

2. Clothing Options

This is a very important part of your finished look for obvious reasons. When choosing your wardrobe for the headshot session you should keep it simple, allowing the focus to remain on the eyes, not on a flashy piece of jewelry or a busy printed shirt. It is helpful to gather your choices the day before so that you are not stressing to put together an outfit at the last minute. Avoid clothing with logos, busy prints, solid black and solid white. There is somewhat of a personal choice and everyone is different, but I like shades of blue, green, yellow and other bright, happy colors. 

3. Don't Stress, Don't Rush

For most people having their pictures taken can be an anxiety filled event, but this is where the magic happens. Each photographer has a different energy and manor or shooting that can make you feel at ease. The goal is to make you comfortable and capture the best of you. You should not feel rushed and some photographers will allow you to keep shooting until you feel like you’ve gotten what you came for.

4. Hair

Women- Getting a haircut the day of is probably not a good idea- as you may know, not everyone is satisfied when they leave the salon. Try to choose a haircut and style a week or two before your session so that you have time to get it the way you want it. 


Men- Going to the barber the day before is usually a good idea to have everything looking sharp and fresh.

5. Facial Hair

Prepare your facial hair by tweezing or trimming a couple of days before so you can eliminate the redness this may cause. 

6. Whiter Teeth

Please do not consume anything that may stain your teeth the day of your headshots photos. Not everyone has or can afford perfectly white teeth so don’t worry, with a bit of Photoshop your photographer should be able to correct this. If you can afford it and have enough time, have your teeth whitened professionally a few days before your headshot session.

If you have any more questions about headshot photography, please feel free to contact me anytime and I would be happy to guide you through the process. To schedule your session, click here

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