How Often Should You Update Your Family Portraits?

In this article we will cover why it is important to have regular family portraits done.

Having family portraits made are like doctor appointments, they don’t happen every day but are important to do regularly. Life is busy and why not take a day to spend some quality time with your family while having portraits done? Depending on the age of the children, they change quickly and what better way to chronical their growth, than to have family portraits made. It is amazing to see the difference in our family through the years, don’t let it slip by.


How often should I have family portraits made? Time flies, moments pass, and we procrastinate having portraits made because it isn’t convenient. The next thing you know, you are looking back with regret that you didn’t get them done sooner. Young children change tremendously within a short period of time and our wonderful seniors sadly won’t be around forever. 

With that being said, it is best to have family portraits taken once a year, If you do this constantly, in a few years you’ll be so grateful that you took the time to do this. You will have new photos to hang on the wall, more for the scrapbook, more for the office or even change your cover photo on Facebook. If you have an area that is big enough to put a few from each year, it is a lovely addition to any room for all to enjoy. 

Aside from having yearly family portraits some other reasons to update is a birth, a marriage, new relationships or even the new family pet. When you have the chance to get everyone together looking awesome and sharing some laughs, they will be moments that you will cherish forever.


If you don’t won’t to schedule your family session with Doug Burke Photography, please schedule it with someone. Don’t let this precious time pass you by. 

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