Quality Over Quantity

I am asked this question a lot during inquiries to Doug Burke Photography. Compared to many photographers in the area, I don’t offer a lot of photos.  For most portrait sessions, DBP typically averages 25-30 images per session.  This comes as a shock to many people because our industry is saturated with photographers that offer hundreds of photos on a disk.  So here are a few reasons why I am challenging the status quo:

1) I Believe in Quality Over Quantity. 


Quality is important when it is for a special person or moment.  I take hundreds of photos during your session generally, but I only want to show you the very best.  Who really cares for half blinking shots, slightly out of focus and awkward first tries?  Would you really want your friends and family to see those?  As an artist, I select the images in your gallery so that I can present you in the best light possible with an eye on the details.


2) Quality Pictures Take Time To Produce.


I’m extremely thorough with my choice of photos and retouching.  Why do you think most of the people I photograph look like they have great skin?  Why do their eyes pop with color?  I don’t photograph perfect people, I take pictures of people that look like you and I.  Even models don’t look perfect in real life either. 

Retouching takes time, even more time than I spend photographing, ordering, taking calls and doing consultations.  Some of you at this point are thinking, ‘Well isn’t retouching wrong?  It gives the wrong impression that we have to be perfect.’  If that is how you feel, you can just let me know, and I won’t retouch a thing.  Here is something to consider though, blemishes on the face come and go, but blemishes don’t define the person.  If a photo is to remain timeless, would you rather temporary blemishes stay in the photograph?  Consult with me if this is an issue and I will do everything to accommodate you in this area. 


My goal isn’t solely to photograph our client’s outer appearance.  People hire me to bring out their beautiful inner light.

3) Your images deserve the attention of an artist


For Doug Burke Photography, each image that I deliver is a photo I worked hard on.  Because I don’t have to process hundreds of photos, I can focus my energy on editing and retouching your very best photos to the highest of standards.


It doesn’t happen frequently, but occasionally I’ll have people asking for unedited photos straight out of the camera.  That is not a request I can honor.  Honestly, I am not trying to be difficult, I just like to deliver finished products.  An example of that in another profession would be like a hair stylist only trimming one side of your hair and saying…” Here, you cut the rest.”  I won’t be doing you any favors by giving you unedited photos.  Surprisingly, many photographers that call themselves professional don’t edit photos or don’t even know how to.  Please be careful when you’re looking to hire one.


Photographers are a dime in a dozen.  We may have similar looking equipment, but it doesn’t mean we share the same passion or experience.


You deserve only the highest quality images, not a gallery of mediocre ones.


More is not always better.


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